Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Pada Tes Pertemuan Awal Dan Akhir

Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Pada Tes Pertemuan Awal Dan Akhir

Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Pada Tes Pertemuan Awal Dan Akhir. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya ingin kembali sharing mengenai beberapa soal bahasa inggris lanjutan dari postingan sebelumnya. Tentang soal pilihan ganda pada tes awal dan akhir setiap pertemuan di mata kuliah bahasa inggris.

Langsung saja simak beberapa soal bahasa inggris tersebut!

1. Check capitalization!
Every Halloween confused little Thadeus dresses like an easter bunny, and every Christmas he cries to go trick-or-treating.
a.Incorrect: lowercase halloween
c.Incorrect: lowercase thadeus
d.Incorrect: capitalize easter
e.Incorrect: capitalize easter and bunny

2. Which of the following book titles uses correct capitalization?
a.A Wrinkle in Time
b.The Perks of Being A Wallflower
c.The Fault In Our Stars
d.Understanding And using Grammar
e.Eleanor And Park

3. Which of the following uses correct capitalization and punctuation? My favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers is Ex Mach Tina.
a.My favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers is “Ex Mach Tina.”
b.My favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers is “Ex Mach Tina”.
c.My favorite episode of “Bob’s Burgers” is “Ex Mach Tina.”
d.My favorite episode of “bob’s burgers” is, ex mach tina.
e.My favorite episode of “Bob’s Burgers” is Ex Mach Tina.

4. Which of the following sentences uses correct capitalization and punctuation?
a.My favorite book of all time is American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
b.My favorite book of all time is american gods by Neil gaiman.
c.I read “Vogue” to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
d.Next week we will begin to read The House On Mango Street.
e.My favorite chapter in Milk and Honey is “The Loving.”

5. Check capitalization!
The Houston Chronicle reported on Tuesday that seventy-five percent of students at Van Winkle High School spend ninety-eight percent of their time everyday dreaming in class.
a.Incorrect: lowercase van
b.Incorrect: capitalize seventy-five percent & ninety-eight percent
c.Incorrect: lowercase chronicle
e.Incorrect: lowercase high school

6. After the training, I feel so tired _______ I don’t give up _______ keep practising on my own.
a.But, but
b.But, and
c.Or, and
d.And, or
e.And, but

7. __________ norway is a beautiful country, it is freezing in winter.

8. Snorkeling in the sea is exciting ________ thrilling, ______ I prefer to climb mountains.
a.Or, but
b.And, and
c.But, or
d.But, and
e.And, but

9. There are no buses this hour, ________we need to catch a taxi.
e.Because of

10. I bought a car __________ I need it for my job.
b.Because of

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11. Ika has not had anything for breakfast. “…………….”
a.I don’t either
b.So have I
c.Neither have I
d.I don’t have either
e.I have not also

12. Ani’s mother can’t speak english well, and ……
a.My mother can’t either
b.But my mother can’t
c.Also my mother
d.My mother too
e.So does my mother

13. My parents love to spend holiday in bali, and …
a.So does I
b.I did too
c.I do too
d.Also I like
e.I don’t neither

14. Many students do not find math test easy, and …..
a.I do not either
b.I do too
c.Neither I don’t
d.So do I
e.Me too

15. Did you know that sinta came to the party last night? “yeah, …………”
a.I do too
b.So do I
c.So I did
d.I too
e.So did I

16. Not only did carlos miss his one-year anniversary with adrianna _______.
a.But forgot his mother’s birthday.
b.He also forgot his mother’s birthday
c.But he also forgot his mother’s birthday
d.But also forgetting his mother’s birthday
e.But also forgot his mother’s birthday

17. Monica brewed espresso, steamed milk, and ________ jokes as she prepared mike’s latte.
a.Was telling
c.Will tell
d.Is telling

18. Celine tried looking behind the toilet, _________ in the laundry basket, and checking under the bed, but she could not find squeeze, her nine-foot albino python.
b.Is searching
e.Will search

19. Natasha tried holding her breath, __________ a piece of gum, and poking her belly, but she could not quiet her empty stomach, which rumbled during the chemistry exam.
a.To chewing
b.To chew

20. Which example shows correct parallel structure?
a.Recommended exercise includes running, swimming, and cycling.
b.Recommended exercise includes running, to swim, and to cycle.
c.Recommended exercise includes running, swimming, and to cycle.
d.Recommended exercise includes running, to swim, and cycling.
e.Recommended exercise includes to run, to swim, and cycling.

21. If alice had more money, she __________ to africa.
a.Would go
b.Will go

22. They will fly to Canberra if they __________ more money.
c.Will have
d.Had had

23. If the sun __________, we will go swimming.
d.Would shine
e.Will shine

24. If we arrived at 10, we ___________tyler’s presentation.
c.Will attend
d.Would have attended
e.Would attend

25. If lisa __________ earlier, she would not have been late for work.
a.Got u
b.Would get up
c.Gets up
d.Had got up
e.Getting up

26. Sam __________ (try) to get into the football team next year!
a.Will try
d.Was trying
e.Is trying

27. The doctor_________ (say) that Tom_________ (be) too sick to go to work yesterday.
a.Says – is
b.Said – is
c.Say – is
d.Said – is
e.Said – was 

28. Shhhhh! Be quiet! John ______________(sleep)!
b.Was sleeping
c.Is sleeping
e.Will sleep 

29. Every monday, Sally __________________(drive) her kids to football practice.
a.Is driving
d.Will drive

30. Yesterday, the bus __________- (bring) us back to the hotel.
b.Did bring
e.Have brought

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31. They__________to France recently
c.Have been

32. Louis____________the email yet.
a.Won’t write
b.Hasn’t written
c.Didn’t write
d.Isn’t writing
e.Doesn’t write

33. Lucas _________ (call) jenny before he _________(go) to the party
a.Had called – went
b.Have called – went
c.Calls – goes
d.Had called – had gone
e.Called – had gone

34. I _______ (never go) to africa but i want to go to africa one day.
a.Have never gone
b.Haven´t gone never
c.Don’t go
d.Was never going
e.Didn’t go

35. ______________ (ever / eat) sushi?
a.Do you ever eat
b.Have you eaten ever
c.Are you ever eat
d.Have you ever eaten
e.Did you ever eat

36. What three parts should be in your essay?
a.Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion
b.Headings, graphs, definitions
c.Introduction, sentences, punctuation
d.Introduction, sentences, capitalization
e.Introduction, evidence, words

37. What is not a writing strategy?
a.Visualizing during reading
b.Staying on topic, connecting to the prompt
c.Supporting reasons with strong evidence
d.Beginning with a clear claim/thesis
e.Double-checking that evidence backs up the point

38. What is a good writing strategy?
a.Reading a text secondly for unknown words
b.Reading a text thirdly for new words
c.Reading a text firstly for comprehension
d.Using a formal style and academic vocabulary

39. What should you always do before starting to write?
a.Take a nap
b.Sing the abc’s
c.Read a comic
e.Proofread your spelling

40. What is not a writing strategy?
a.Finding a quiet place to read
c.Planning out an essay using an outline/graphic organizer
e.Rereading writing to look for grammatical errors

Nah itulah beberapa contoh soal Pilihan Ganda pada mata kuliah Bahasa Inggris IV yang biasanya akan muncul pada tes pertemuan awal dan akhir.

Kembali di ingatkan, sebelum menggunakan kunci jawaban soal bahasa inggris di atas, lebih baik mencoba mengisinya terlebih dahulu. Jika memang nantinya ada kesulitan, barulah menggunakan kunci jawaban bahasa inggris di atas.

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